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Adult & Pediatric - Orthopaedic Specialists Adult & Pediatric - Orthopaedic Specialists

About Us

Preparing for Your Visit

  1. Please read the patient welcome letter on our website which explains my philosophy of care
  2. Please complete my forms on the website:” Apos Patient Registration Forms
  3. Insurance informationĀ 
    Please bring your insurance card and photo ID
  4. Imaging studies
    Please bring any recent x-rays, MRI or CT scans related to your condition or injury. Please bring a CD of the studies or the actual films, not just the reports
  5. Clothing
    • Female shoulder patients-please bring or wear a tank top, halter or sports bra
    • Hip, knee and ankle patients- please bring or wear a pair of shorts
    • Spine and Scoliosis exam Please bring or wear a tank top, halter or sports bra
    • Additional valuable scoliosis information can be found on a podcast, I invite you to visit


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