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Adult & Pediatric - Orthopaedic Specialists Adult & Pediatric - Orthopaedic Specialists

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Playground Injuries: Dr. Weinert, CHOC Children's

Pediatric Orthopaedics: Dr. Lalonde, CHOC Children's

Dr. John Schlechter Talks About Overuse Injuries in Children

Careful SportsmanshipCareful Sportsmanship

"One of the most common sports injuries I see every week is pain in an extremity from chronic repetitive stress, whether it is at the elbow, the wrist, the ankle, the knee or the foot," says Dr. Schlechter. "Those are definitely the most common sports-related injuries in children that are less traumatic and non operative, most of the time. They can be prevented by activity modification, rest, ice, anti -inflammatories and a good stretching program," he recommends.

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Growing PainsGrowing Pains

When a child takes a fall, they may impact their growth plate. What is it? "It's a [developing] area of the long bone, like the femur or tibia that contributes to the length of your body," says Dr. Lalonde. Located close to a joint, including the hip, knee or ankle, the growth plate remains open until age 15 for girls and age 17 for boys.

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A mountain, a voice and a girl in need

It took a village to bring 16-year-old Juliana from a Tanzanian orphanage to Children's Hospital Orange County to repair her deformed legs. Two local members of the team felt it was a personal mission to help her.

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Busted wing emerges from pink cocoon

Dr. Carl Weinert, my daughter’s orthopedic guy (for every child needs one, sooner or later) says he wishes he had a video of the process by which a cast is cut off a child. I’m guessing he’s glad my child isn’t the star of his YouTube demo.

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OCMA Specialty Spotlight: The PRECICE Device

Dr. Samuel Rosenfeld, an orthopedic surgeon with the CHOC Children's Orthopaedic Institute, is the first on the West Coast to perform a limb lengthening procedure using the PRECICE™ Remote Control Device. Developed by Irvine-based Ellipse Technologies, in collaboration with Dr. Stuart Green of UC and cleared for use in the United States by the FDA in July 2011, the PRECICE represents a new era for limb lengthening.

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Childhood injuries

Preventing Sports Injuries in Female Athletes

How to know when it's simple – or serious

By Ashley Eliot
Published: November, 2009

Children bounce back. They can run around in circles for hours and trip or fall a few times in the process, yet still keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny. While kids are more likely than adults to get hurt, they actually heal faster.

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Keep Your Children Safe This Summer

by Family Radio
Dr. John Schlechter

Keep the Youth Sports Experience Positive

By Richard Y. Hinton, MD, MPH

So often we drop our kids off at their team practices and games no questions asked. A neighbor picks then up a couple of hours later and when they get back home we assume they had fun. Most of the time they have, but as a parent don't ignore the infrequent possibilities of injury, emotional burnout, or even sexual abuse that can occur in the youth sports environment. Again, the vast majority of youth sports experiences are positive.

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Set Realistic Expectations Following Sports Surgery

By Richard Y. Hinton, MD

"She's retorn her ACL? How could that possibly happen? Well, let's get it fixed, she has more college showcases in six months."

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