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Jonathan Minor, MD
Jonathan Minor, MD

Jonathan Minor, MD
Sports Medicine

Dr. Minor is a graduate of Texas A&M University Health Science Center, College of Medicine and trained in Pediatrics at Scott & White Medical Center-McLane Children’s Hospital (Texas A&M). He completed a non-surgical sports medicine fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital, where he received training in general sports medicine, concussion management, musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound medicine, injury prevention, and dance medicine. He also completed a second year of fellowship training at Boston Children's in advanced MSK ultrasound, and is trained in ultrasound-guided procedures, including cortisone injection, joint lubrication injection, joint aspiration, needle tenotomy, and PRP procedures. Dr. Minor is also an endurance athlete, training for and running marathons, half marathons, and half ironman triathlons. He has completed three full-distance ironman triathlons and has raced with Team USA at three Long Course World Championship races. With his interest in running, he has a special interest in running medicine and preventing overuse injuries. His research has focused on running gait mechanics, concussion, and recently included evidence-based approaches to joint injections. He and his wife live in Orange County and can be found exploring the outdoors with their dog.

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